Curaçao Airport Holding is the owner of the airport buildings and their surrounding terrains and infrastructure. As owner on behalf of the Government of Curaçao, the holding is the supervisor of all airport operations carried out by operator Curaçao Airport Partners.

In its capacity of Airport Supervisor, Curaçao Airport Holding oversees the quality and continuity of airport operations; stimulates the growth of the airport through development of new and improved Air Services; and finally develops the surrounding terrains of the airport to bring new economic activity to the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao


The business of the Holding can be divided in four main areas. For simplicity sake, these are referred to as Airport, Traffic, Area, and Excellence.
Airport refers to the responsibility of the Holding to supervise the operations of the airport and to guarantee a well-functioning, continuous, quality operation. the Holding performs this task mainly through monitoring of CAP’s operations and reporting on CAP’s performance.
Traffic refers to efforts to directly increase air traffic to Curaçao in both passenger and cargo operations.
Area refers to activities that the Holding will undertake to develop the terrains that surround the airport to bring new economic activity to the area (Airport City concept).

Excellence is at the base of all activities and refers to the internal improvement processes that the Holding will execute to strengthen its organization and to add a standard of excellence to its processes.


Who are the people who run the Holding on a daily basis? Get to know them!

            W. Ignacio MSc. Managing Director
           Giordano Molina MSc. Airport Operations Advisor
           Edson Engelhart MSc. Airport Area Development Manager


To assure the continuous operation of a high quality airport in Curaçao and to acquire, develop, support and manage value-added business activities that contribute to the economic growth of Curaçao.


Managing Director of CAH Wilhelmus Ignacio is an ambitious man with the willpower to realize his dreams. As a boy, Wilhelmus loved to play ball and for a while, school wasn’t his biggest priority. This changed when he started working and experienced what he could achieve when putting his mind to it. Within no time Wilhemus was able to work his way up in every job that crossed his path and this sparked his fervor to learn and explore.

Since Wilhelmus’ family had a background in aviation, the choice wasn’t hard. Wilhemus moved to Holland to study Aviation. After successfully finishing this study, his desire to learn was stronger than ever and he continued to study Aviation followed by Total Quality Management.

During and even after his study, Wilhelmus was able to gain more working experience by multiple jobs in aviation at Schiphol: from the luggage department to passenger handling, engineering, and managing. Hence, Wilhelmus prepped himself for a fruitful future in aviation.

When Wilhelmus had the chance to go back to Curacao to start a career at CAH, he grabbed it with both hands. He started as an Advisor Airport Operations and slowly his idea of Curacao International Airport as an international, economically attractive partner all over the world started taking concrete forms.

Wilhemus is now Managing Director at CAH. With his bird eye view he’s able to make decisions or delegate the work process,

but since his passion for aviation is his biggest motivator, he’s still an important player in the field as well. The last couple of years the collaboration between CAP en CAH has perfected and together they’ve finalized great steps in developing the airport. Wilhelmus is determined to continue doing this.

Wilhelmus his dreams for the airport are ambitious, just like himself. He sees Curacao as the perfect hub between the North and South of America: the ideal spot outside the hurricane belt with the longest landing strip of the Caribbean and the correct legislation. “There’s still space to develop and to grow: literally and figuratively and I’m up for the challenge.”


Giordano Molina is the connection between policy and implementation; the bridge between the old and new and the one who connects CAH with its executor for the airport, CAP. Therefore an all-round vision is requisite and Giordano has got the accurate experience and set of mind to achieve this.

Giordano always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but growing up in a world of constant development, his dreams shi ed and got more global. His interest in technique started to develop more and more and after the world was startled by the horrors of 9/11, Giordano decided to aim for a more steady direction and deepen his interest technique.

After finishing his study at the TU in Eindhoven, Giordano worked at several aviation-related companies, including local airlines in the Caribbean. This ensured him with an overall perspective of the current situation of the aviation field in the region. At CAH Giordano is Senior Advisor Airport Operations: he’s responsible for the development of the airport and the over side.

One of the most important aspects of Giordano’s job is monitoring the contract with CAP. CAP was hired in 2003 to develop the airport, excluding the airport area. Giordano is responsible for check and balances.

He’s also the one to make the change happen; to develop new plans for CAP to carry out and to initiate ideas for the airport of the future.

But, how does the airport of the future look like? “Bigger, better and greater with the space to welcome much more passenger. Together with CAP, we want to keep upgrading and updating until Curacao International Airport is a role model for the Caribbean and beyond.”


Edson Engelhart is the spin in the network when it comes to planning and development. He knows his way with investors, he can think strategically and he has a striking talent for turning any project into a lucrative, auspicious business.

Ever since Edson can reminder he was fascinated by construction. As a little boy during holiday season he joined his uncle who owned a construction firm and watched the way buildings, but also complete projects, rose from scratch.

This made Edson believe that anything is possible. Edson finished a study Bachelor in Building followed by a Master in Construction Management and Engineering. After his studies, he started working in Commercial Real Estate development where his passion for development started to take form.

Edson’s job at CAH responds perfectly to this passion. As an Airport Development Manager he’s responsible for the airport area. He aims to realize and finalize the master plan with the goal to turn the area into an economical asset for Curacao.

One of Edson’s most important pillars is to change the approach of CAH: from a passive player who waits for development and funds, Edson wants to implement the new role of pro-active developer for CAH.

Edson sees the airport of Curacao as far more than an airport: he sees a business; a brand with segments all over the island which strengthen each other. “A whole package with the same look, feel and economic value. This way the airport including its area will become a economic driver which is continuously developing: an airport that exerts influences all over the world.”

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