Edson Engelhart is the spin in the network when it comes to planning and development. He knows his way with investors, he can think strategically and he has a striking talent for turning any project into a lucrative, auspicious business.

Ever since Edson can reminder he was fascinated by construction. As a little boy during holiday season he joined his uncle who owned a construction firm and watched the way buildings, but also complete projects, rose from scratch. This made Edson believe that anything is possible. Edson finished a study Bachelor in Building followed by a Master in Construction Management and Engineering. After his studies, he started working in Commercial Real Estate development where his passion for development started to take form.
Edson’s job at CAH responds perfectly to this passion. As an Airport Development Manager he’s responsible for the airport area. He aims to realize and finalize the master plan with the goal to turn the area into an economical asset for Curacao. One of Edson’s most important pillars is to change the approach of CAH: from a passive player who waits for development and funds, Edson wants to implement the new role of pro-active developer for CAH.
Edson sees the airport of Curacao as far more than an airport: he sees a business; a brand with segments all over the island which strengthen each other. “A whole package with the same look, feel and economic value. This way the airport including its area will become a economic driver which is continuously developing: an airport that exerts influences all over the world.”

HansEdson Engelhart