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CAH Reveals Start of Construction New Office Building

On Thursday February 21st, 2019, the Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) revealed the start of construction for its new office building. A pinnacle within the Airport Area Development plans, this building is designed to be a multi-functional office building that will be the businesses center for the aviation world.

The building has a modern design, with a flexible workspace, allowing entrepreneurs and other businesses to use our facility for meetings. Equipped with a canteen, the first floor is open to members of our aviation community, with a business lounge and different meeting rooms. The second floor is destined for aviation businesses, with offices spaces ready for rent. With its close distance to the airport, the facility can serve as a beacon for aviation businesses. Equipped with high tech resources, it’s the place were CAH’s innovative projects will be brainstormed, planned and executed.

Tenants for the building are currently being sourced. CAH is tasked with the job to supervise the functioning of the airport operations, , development of the areas surrounding the airport and development of airlift. The construction of the office building is one of the many development plans within CAH’s Master Plan. The Minister of Economic Development, Mr. S. Martina, shared the following regarding this development: “The airport is a major contributor to our economic pillars. Its optimal functioning allows us to further our international business relations and allows us to position ourselves within the global market. Opening the path for business growth and opportunity, the airport areas are development opportunities where international businesses can establish themselves.”

CAH will start construction for this new office building in the second quarter of this year. The construction of the building will take 18 months. During the reveal the director of CAH, Mr. W. Ignacio had the following to say about the building: “A cornerstone for the airport area development, this building is our milestone to showcase the potential of this area. It is the starting point that needs to trigger development initiatives and attract business projects. Its purpose is to stimulate business activity near our airport, and its design will attract local and international businesses.”.

The office building has been in the planning for a few years and is a joint effort that both the CAH management team and the CAH board members look forward to realizing.

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