United Airlines announces new seasonal service between New York/Newark and Curacao.

Just in time to escape the winter weather, United is adding Curacao to its Caribbean route network and enabling customers access to all of the ABC islands, including Aruba and Bonaire. Curacao, United’s 21st island destination in the Caribbean, will operate on Saturdays beginning Dec. 7, 2019, with Boeing 737-700 aircraft, subject to government approval.  ( https://hub.united.com/)

In a major boost for one of the Dutch Caribbean’s hotspots, United Airlines has announced plans to launch new nonstop service to the island of CuraçaoCuraçao will become United’s 21st destination in the Caribbean, with flights from Newark Liberty International Airport set to launch on Dec. 7. In a statement, United said it would be operating the flights weekly on Saturdays using Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

The new service to Curacao boosts United’s existing service to the Dutch Caribbean, which had consisted of weekly Saturday flights from Houston to Bonaire and daily nonstop flights from Newark to Aruba. Curacao has seen strong growth so far in 2019, thanks largely to growth in new airlift at the island’s excellent (and newly transformed) Hato International Airport. (caribjournal)



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HansUnited Airlines announces new seasonal service between New York/Newark and Curacao.
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New Office Building

CAH Reveals Start of Construction New Office Building

On Thursday February 21st, 2019, the Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) revealed the start of construction for its new office building. A pinnacle within the Airport Area Development plans, this building is designed to be a multi-functional office building that will be the businesses center for the aviation world.

The building has a modern design, with a flexible workspace, allowing entrepreneurs and other businesses to use our facility for meetings. Equipped with a canteen, the first floor is open to members of our aviation community, with a business lounge and different meeting rooms. The second floor is destined for aviation businesses, with offices spaces ready for rent. With its close distance to the airport, the facility can serve as a beacon for aviation businesses. Equipped with high tech resources, it’s the place were CAH’s innovative projects will be brainstormed, planned and executed.

Tenants for the building are currently being sourced. CAH is tasked with the job to supervise the functioning of the airport operations, , development of the areas surrounding the airport and development of airlift. The construction of the office building is one of the many development plans within CAH’s Master Plan. The Minister of Economic Development, Mr. S. Martina, shared the following regarding this development: “The airport is a major contributor to our economic pillars. Its optimal functioning allows us to further our international business relations and allows us to position ourselves within the global market. Opening the path for business growth and opportunity, the airport areas are development opportunities where international businesses can establish themselves.”

CAH will start construction for this new office building in the second quarter of this year. The construction of the building will take 18 months. During the reveal the director of CAH, Mr. W. Ignacio had the following to say about the building: “A cornerstone for the airport area development, this building is our milestone to showcase the potential of this area. It is the starting point that needs to trigger development initiatives and attract business projects. Its purpose is to stimulate business activity near our airport, and its design will attract local and international businesses.”.

The office building has been in the planning for a few years and is a joint effort that both the CAH management team and the CAH board members look forward to realizing.

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HansNew Office Building
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Removing the boulders

In March of 2017, the Curaçao Airport Holding (hereafter CAH) engaged a contractor to execute a boulder removal project.

This project aims to clean up and mine boulders located on CAH development territories. Currently there are mining activities taking place on the areas near the west terminal, Forward Operating Locations (FOL) and the Curinde/Free Zone areas.. The removed boulders were crushed and will be sold as construction material. The company is set to continue mining, until the designated areas are leveled. The contractor was contracted to execute the boulder removal project over the course of the next 5 years on CAH property. The cleared areas allow for future developments related to CAH’s Master Plan, which seeks to bring about developments that benefit our island.

One such development that will benefit from this project is the Curaçao-Multi Commodity Centre (hereafter CMCC). CMCC is a company to be established by an investor which seeks to realize a commodities zone where the trade of gold and diamonds could take place. CAH has agreed to lease the desired territory to CMCC as it is of particular importance that its precious cargo can be transported from airside to its building in a secure manner.

In CAH’s agreement with CMCC , it has outlined conditions precedent which need to be realized before the territories are leased to CMCC. These conditions precedent consist of for example petitions for an e-zone, construction permit and a financial commitment to realize the project. CMCC received a term of 2 years to complete the conditions precedent. The timeline for the conditions precedent ends February of 2019, at which point the respective parties will need to evaluate the extent that the condition precedent have been met in order to determine how to proceed.

Upon being in compliance with the afore mentioned conditions precedent and awaiting the completion of the boulder project, it is expected that CMCC company can start building by approximately 2022. CMCC focuses on working with companies who trade commodities within primarily the western hemisphere.

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HansRemoving the boulders
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The airport is growing. More and more people from all over the world are visiting Curacao. Some tourist for the obvious reason: the fine Caribbean climate, the deep blue sea and the beautiful secluded bays. But there is fast growing public for our festivals and events.

The Curaçao Airport Holding is a proud sponsor of events and festivals on our Island. Events we have contributed to range from The Curaçao North Sea Jazz, Flying Dutch, to Ilan Chester, World Strongest Man and many more.
CAH is making it happen.

We at Curacao Airport Holding, believe in contributing to these events in Curaçao for 2 reasons:

The first is the positive impact they have on our economy. They attract lots of tourists, offer entertainment to our locals, and allow our island to profile itself internationally. The events are growing fast and have become a large part of our rich culture.

The second is the fact that these events allow us to realize on of our goals: creating more traffic at our airport. Every tourist counts, and we seek to make sure that their first impression of our island begins with a modern and up to date airport. Allowing them to begin their vacation on the right foot, and seeing what Curaçao has to offer.

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