Giordano Molina is the connection between policy and implementation; the bridge between the old and new and the one who connects CAH with its executor for the airport, CAP. Therefore an all-round vision is requisite and Giordano has got the accurate experience and set of mind to achieve this.

Giordano always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but growing up in a world of constant development, his dreams shi ed and got more global. His interest in technique started to develop more and more and after the world was startled by the horrors of 9/11, Giordano decided to aim for a more steady direction and deepen his interest technique.
After finishing his study at the TU in Eindhoven, Giordano worked at several aviation-related companies, including local airlines in the Caribbean. This ensured him with an overall perspective of the current situation of the aviation field in the region. At CAH Giordano is Senior Advisor Airport Operations: he’s responsible for the development of the airport and the over side.
One of the most important aspects of Giordano’s job is monitoring the contract with CAP. CAP was hired in 2003 to develop the airport, excluding the airport area. Giordano is responsible for check and balances.
He’s also the one to make the change happen; to develop new plans for CAP to carry out and to initiate ideas for the airport of the future.
But, how does the airport of the future look like? “Bigger, better and greater with the space to welcome much more passenger. Together with CAP, we want to keep upgrading and updating until Curacao International Airport is a role model for the Caribbean and beyond.”

HansGiordano Molina