Getting a group of different individuals, with different views and interest to achieve one common goal isn’t an easy matter. It requires the development of a well thought through strategy, active relationship management, and continuous balancing of interests to unite these individuals with a common purpose.

As the Assistant to the Director & Corporate Strategist of CAH, it is Priscilla Circkens’ job to get this done. Her passion for people combined with her strategic abilities and her perseverance, makes Priscilla essential in the developments of CAH.

Priscilla grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, which allowed her to get a firsthand look at what drives successful business operations. She figured that the key to a successful business isn’t just a good business model: it is well managed employees. Knowing this, Priscilla made the conscious choice to study Organizational Psychology, to better understand how to engage and motivate employees.  After her Bachelor in the United States and a Master in the Netherlands, Priscilla moved back to Curaçao. Initially joining the family business, Priscilla learnt the ins and outs of the hospitality sector.

After which she shifted industries working for a big four company as a strategist and people consultant. During her time as a consultant Priscilla mastered working with public and private clients from different industries within the Dutch Caribbean. Combining her entrepreneurial skills with her people knowledge, Priscilla aided in the execution of several large scale projects which major impact for Curaçao, Aruba & Sint Maarten.

During this time CAH was one of her clients and the projects she executed on their behalf opened up an interest in aviation. Before joining the team in 2019, Priscilla’s notable projects for CAH ranged from stakeholder alignment, alignment evaluation and the implementation of the electronic border control gates; eGates.

Priscilla chose to join CAH as she sees potential in CAH’s ability to drive growth for the airport and its territories. A growth which can have major implications for the island and enable the airport to become a major player in air transport within the region. With her experience in organizational transformation, HR, IT optimization and strategy, Priscilla seeks to contribute to the realization of a pro-active, tone setting CAH. Making use of her talent to create and hold balance between all stakeholders, Priscilla balances the internal relations of CAH as well as CAH’s relationship with the Government, CAP and other stakeholders.

Although challenging, Priscilla believes that the current ambitions of CAH leverage CAH’s potential and the current opportunities at its disposal; “The airport and its territories have the potential to be a major economic pillar for Curaçao. By aligning all stakeholders and working together to create a logistical airport hub with international businesses, we can shift the economies of scale for our island.”