Airport Development

Since 2003, Curaçao Airport Holding is outsourcing Operations through a 30 year concession and ensures operational excellence by supervising this contract.

Curaçao Airport Partners operates the airport for Curaçao Airport Holding, governed by a Development, Operation and Maintenance Agreement. This DOMA contains standards and provisions agreed with the Government of Curaçao to operate the facilities and services at the airport at the highest possible standard. As owner of the airport buildings, facilities and infrastructure, Curaçao Airport Holding supervises the compliance. We ensure that facilities remain up to date and that new systems are in place whenever and wherever possible. We perform regular inspections, hold consultations with Curaçao Airport Partners and ensure that the DOMA is frequently reviewed and updated.

Curaçao Airport Holding actively initiates in improvements at the airport. We coordinate these projects with Curaçao Airport Partners, who as the Airport Operator is responsible for the implementation and operation of new infrastructure and equipment. As the landlord, Curaçao Airport Holding makes an annual improvement plan, specifying the improvements it wants to see, including new services, infrastructure updates, operational improvements and necessary maintenance. We then discuss these issues with Curaçao Airport Partners to reach an agreement on the implementation.

Curaçao Airport Partners alone can resolve day-to-day issues adequately, yet certain initiatives also affect concessionaires and other airport stakeholders. Changes may require them to improve or better coordinate their services to ensure a seamless total passenger experience. Long-term changes are therefore always discussed with all airport stakeholders. Curaçao Airport Holding plays a central role in initiating and chairing these meetings.

Terminal Expansion Project

As the owner of the airport and supervisor of the concession agreement, Curaçao Airport Holding collaborates with its operator by co-investing heavily in their terminal expansion plan. By accounting for 30% of the total investments, we ensure a state of the art facility exceeding the contractual obligations and meeting all users’ expectations.


Curaçao Airport Holding believes it is important to improve the airport’s functioning. Therefore, they are contributing to the development of the Airport. Below a number of contributions from Curaçao Airport Holding to the Airport.

In 2010, Curaçao Airport Holding paid for the demolition of the former DCA building. This was under the condition that CAP would provide a fully automated car parking equipment at the Airport.

In 2010, Curaçao Airport Holding has also bought two passenger buses that are operated under our usufruct terms. In addition, CAH has paid five years for the operation of the buses.

Curaçao Airport Holding has granted an interest free loan to CAP in 2010. This has made it possible to finance one passenger loading bridge.

In 2011, Curaçao Airport Holding has paid for the hospitality courses of the airport personnel who come in contact with the public. CAP paid these trainings for its own people.

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