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BlueRise International, the renown Dutch innovator of Sea Water Air Conditiong systems and Ocean Thermal Conversion is investing in EcoPark Curaçao opportunities.

Eco Park
Eco Park Curaçao is a sustainable industrial park for high-tech production and research facilities. The Eco Park aims to stimulate economic growth through new industries and to educate the public about the opportunities that renewable technologies bring to the island. The park takes advantage of Curaçao’s unique characteristics, installing a deep-sea water pipe to provide Sea Water Air Conditioning and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

The SWAC/OTEC facility will be the beating heart of the Airport City. It enables the cost-effective introduction of new industries such as fish farming and agriculture that otherwise would not be possible in Curaçao. On the long run the Eco Park will also make it possible to feed local consumers and reduce expensive imports.

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