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In close cooperation with CAP and CTB, Curaçao Airport Holding is co-investing in connectivity and air routes between the Americas and Europe to become the hub of choice in the Caribbean.

Curaçao Airport Holding has a potential role in the stimulation of additional air traffic to the Curaçao airport. Different categories of air traffic consist: passenger transit traffic, origin/destination traffic (O/D) consisting of locals, visiting business people and tourists, technical stops, cargo destined to the island, and transshipment of cargo.

It must be realized that particularly in the case of O/D traffic, neither passengers nor cargo chose to travel through an airport because of the airport itself. The majority of traffic in Curaçao currently is origin and destination traffic, which is primarily related to the health of the tourism industry (in the form of more tourists) and the general state of the economy (business inbound travel, local outbound travel, cargo) upon which the airport itself has no direct influence. Yet this flow produces the majority of the revenue for the airport.

The airport does have the potential to influence more discretionary traffic, such as technical stops, transshipment and passenger transit.  First of all, the airport has a responsibility to provide a set of primary services and facilities for all users. CAP provides some of these services while others such as immigration/customs, cargo handlers, airline agents, and Curoil contribute in their own field. Curaçao Airport Holding has a supervisory role and does not provide these services directly. Close monitoring by Curaçao Airport Holding of standards and excellence in the total package of services stimulate the achievement of a competitive position and attract new business: reasonable fuel prices, fast turnaround, good cargo and passenger facilities, efficient immigration and customs processing.

Curaçao Airport Holding aims to:

  • Provide together with CAP and other airport stakeholders, an excellent set of services and facilities to attract discretionary (non O/D) air traffic;
  • Be vigilant for potential new development partners but only invest in conjunction with a feasible plan with an identified partner;
  •  Prudently co-invest with other stakeholders in selected strategic route development incentives that contribute to the vision of becoming a hub;
  • Support FBO development with majority of investment to be borne by operator.

Together with Curaçao Airport Partners, we will also further expand the General Aviation niche. This development should be carried out in conjunction with CAP in the form of extending leases to new high-quality Fixed Base Operators for services such as ground handling, cargo, hospitality, fueling, hangars, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental and maintenance, flight instruction, etc.


In 2011, Curacao Airport Holding provided marketing support together with the CTB for new flights from Dusseldorf to Curacao
In 2014, Curacao Airport Holding supported new flights from New York together with CTB

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