What We Do

Curacao Airport Holding NV is a government-owned limited liability company that is the owner of the Curacao Airport properties and surrounding terrains.
CAH has various roles with its stakeholders. These are:
• As supervisor, the Holding is a contract party to CAP, and oversees the airport operations from a landlord’s perspective. In this role, its primary responsibility is to ensure continuity of operations at the agreed-upon standards, report on CAP’s performance and to seek additional possibilities to improve the airport’s functioning.

Hub Development
• As promoter, the Holding supports and assists in efforts to increase the volume and quality of air traffic to both passenger and cargo operations

Airport City Development
• As developer, the Holding develops terrains surrounding the airport in order to bring forth new economic activity by third parties to the area.

• Corporate Social Responsibility
Between all these ambitions and commercial targeting, CAH recognizes its position as a government agency and its responsibility of excellence towards the island of Curacao and its people. The Holding will put all efforts to prove itself to be a good corporate citizen.

Join us in creating a powerful engine for the economic development of Curaçao.

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