The Airport City Concept


"Along with incorporating a wide variety of services into passenger terminals, many airports are developing their landside areas as well."

Curaçao Airport Holding believes that Curaçao International Airport should evolve in order to:

  • Serve as a catalyst and magnet for landside business development
  • Stimulate and facilitate increasing passenger and cargo traffic
  • Create new non-aeronautical revenue sources, both to compete and to better serve the traditional aviation functions
  • Set the standard for ‘going green’ on a large scale in the Caribbean and lower operating costs for businesses established in the area

Making use of Curacao's unique selling points, Curacao Airport Holding is envisioning a master plan, building an Aiport City, realizing a High-tech Green and Innovative Center of Excellence, positioning Curacao as the Safe Gateway to and from Latin America.

While focusing on facilitating markets and businesses around the small island, it will atract Investors, Developers and Bussiness to use Curacao as their steppingstone to new markets, investing in state-of-the-art facilities, enabling new industries and export products; creating tremendous R&D, educational and job opportunies for its own population.

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 This page contains general information regarding CAH envisaged plans and projects which are still subject to further discussions, assessments, elaboration, negotiations and corporate approvals. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on this page. Please contact us for specific details.

Unique Investment Opportunities

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