ECO Park


"CAH wants to build an ECO Park to serve as a knowledge center for other upcoming ecological technologies. The ECO Park will create lots of jobs and learning opportunities for the people of Curacao and will positively influence the economy."

Green Airport City Development
The island of Curaçao is a paradise for renewable energy from sun, wind and also the oceans. Curaçao is perfectly suited for the use of thermal energy stored in the ocean, called Ocean Thermal Energy (OTE). CAH is working on the development of a so-called SWAC or Seawater Air Conditioning system. 

Stands for Seawater Air Conditioning. It brings up cold water from the deep ocean to cool the airport facilities. The cold seawater will be used to provide the buildings in the Airport City with cheap and green air conditioning.This will be a unique selling point for all investors of the Airport City. The picture behind this link shows what this would look like. 
Meaning Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. OTEC is a heat engine designed to transform the thermal energy into electricity. Based on the SWAC system, cold seawater will be provided to the OTEC plant which will convert the differences in temperature into electricity.

Waste to Energy
Waste to Energy is a machine which can convert waste into biofuel and CO2. All waste of the airport will be converted into biofuel. The CO2 is residual waste which is a key element for the algea project that is still to be developed. Click here for a vizualisation of the waste to energy principle.

For more information and an overview of the ECOpark, check the flyer.

This page contains general information regarding CAH envisaged plans and projects which are still subject to further discussions, assessments, elaboration, negotiations and corporate approvals. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on this page. Please contact us for specific details.


Unique Investment Opportunities

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